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Livin’ on the Edge

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Livin’ on the Edge

Most people who know me know that I’m terrified of heights; my knees start to tremble, my mouth dries up and I generally can’t speak…so I’m not exactly sure why I was compelled to strap myself to the side of a building and go for a walk. The CN Tower Edgewalk is the world’s highest hands-free walk. It is utterly petrifying from the moment you feel the wind hit your face and look down upon the Skydome (yeah it’s called the Skydome). The first thing the guide asks you to do is put your “toes over T.O.” which means walking up to the edge and putting just your toes over the side of the platform. My body simply wouldn’t comply. Every time I tried to get the second toe over the first one would pull back instinctively. 

It was an unparalleled experience and a great way to face your fears.