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Website Content Questionnaire

Website Content Questionnaire

The following questions will help get you thinking about your brand and the messaging you’d like to convey on your website and help us parse out the vital information to generate content for the website. Don’t agonize over writing style or being redundant. The more information we have the better we can drill down the important parts.

    Please give me a brief history of your business*

    Please write a brief bio about yourself and your team and your/their education and experience*

    What is your businesses unique selling proposition? Why should someone patronize your business rather than your competitor? What makes your business special?*

    What experience can your customers expect? Explain not only the level of service but also the process involved*

    Tell me about your team. Who are they and what is their position? Would you like to include them on the website? (provide profile photos if you have them)*

    Tell me about your location/facilities. What makes your location special and unique?*

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